When i started looking around on music blogs last year i kept seeing the name DJ Harvey crop up, and i wondered if it was the same Harvey i remember from way back. Now i know it is =D
Anyway, i discovered these two mixes on The Beat, originally posted on Simply Good Music
Excellent blogs, so many thanks to both of them =D

DJ Harvey Presents Moonshadow Part One

DJ Harvey Presents More Moonshadow

Password: simplygoodmusic


  1. cheers for these joel nice one !!!
    lovin the new blog
    and have a wigid xmas yourself m8

  2. just a quick one for anyone opening this on a mac.
    you need a password which is… simplygoodmusic

  3. Yes, thanks wigid, forgot about that, but i
    needed the password and im not on a mac lol

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